I Would Rather Have Root Canal Once a Week for the Rest of My Life Than Ever Buy a House Again.
What's the Book About?

As author Joel Samberg likes to say, if he had a dollar for every single time someone told him he should write a book about his recent experience selling his house in New Jersey and buying another one in Connecticut, he would have enough money to run for any political office, including President of the United States. And if he ran and won, his first order of business would be to put every real estate agent, mortgage broker and home inspector in jail. For life. Or longer. They're all criminals anyway.

This book, an absolutely-too-bizarre-not-to-be-true account of Joel and his wife Bonnie's real-life odyssey, explains why he was prompted to write it in the first place. Besides, everyone told him he should (including some of the people who were responsible for many of the nightmares). The result is an exercise in catharsis, a laugh-through-the-pain bedtime story, and most of all, a cautionary tale for others who may be thinking about selling one home and buying another.